Sanity Jewelry

Sanity Jewelry sells beautiful Damascus knives, men’s biker rings, and other biker-inspired jewelry through its brick and mortar store in Grant, Florida, online at, and throughout the USA at a multitude of events. We are proud to have helped them rebuild their marketing efforts by providing them with a new website design, search engine optimization (SEO) services, email marketing services, and targeted digital campaigns to grow their presence.

In our time working with Sanity Jewelry, we have helped them to add more than 200 keywords to the front page of Google and 41 keywords to top 3 positions, adding more than $60k a month in PPC-equivalent value (estimated cost of organic traffic if acquired through Google AdWords based on current bids as of writing this). We have also more than doubled their online traffic, taking them from approximately 6,900 monthly visitors to over 14,000!

We look forward to continuing our work with Sanity Jewelry, and are excited to see what new heights their business will reach. With the help of our Internet marketing strategies, website design, search engine optimization services and email marketing campaigns, we have helped them become an even larger leader in their field!